Finding Common Ground

Common Ground is working towards a society that celebrates and embraces our First Peoples. Today, 85% of Australians believe it’s important to know about the histories of our First Peoples, but only 42% believe they have a high level of knowledge of that history*.

Common Ground was designed to create and build a level of knowledge for all Australians and be a go-to resource for people who want to learn more, and connect with, First Peoples. Common Ground do this by:

  • Sharing knowledge and stories that reflect the diversity and strength of First Australian peoples.
  • Creating education content so Australian can learn and connect.
  • Acknowledging that learning online is just one part of the journey, and builds relationships with communities to foster deeper understanding, appreciation, and genuine, respectful relationships.

The Phillips Brothers Foundation supports Indigenous education, and story telling of country and culture in both rural and metro areas, and we’re currently exploring our new relationship with Common Ground to support their work.

*Australian Reconciliation Barometer (2016) – Reconciliation Australia