Connecting education hubs with communities

Nothing should get in the way of a child getting an education, but the reality for many kids around the world is that plenty does, unfortunately, get in the way. From geographical distance, to poverty, intermittent electricity and a lack of consistent and fast internet access, it all plays a part.

The Phillips Brothers Foundation has a firm focus on creating educational opportunities, and with the unique challenges that come with living in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, such as travelling by water, a range of language dialects and a lack of NBN service, we’re up for the challenge!

The Phillips Brothers Foundation is pleased to support a Plan International project in the Solomon Islands that is launching an educational television series and community education hubs. These will directly impact thousands of children throughout the six major and over 900 smaller islands across the Solomon Islands.

The plan is to create a series of education hubs that support early education teachers with libraries and other resources, along with more online curriculum, and locally produced TV shows. While it’s still early days, a handful of TV shows have been produced and released and we look forward to seeing more come to fruition.

This project will also deliver more teacher training, books, and online and annual teaching events.

This provides educational support to early education teachers and thousands of children throughout the Solomon Islands who wouldn’t have been able to access this level of education. This exciting new educational program will be supported by the new NBN that is currently being rolled out across the Solomon Islands.

Looking at the bigger picture, The Phillips Brothers Foundation and Plan International hope to get this model right, then expand the project to other Pacific nations like Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga and more in the years to come, opening up these educational tools to many thousands more. 

The Foundation’s clear focus is funding hands-on, grassroots projects that get kids reading, learning and socialising in their own communities, and we’re excited to see where this work with Plan International goes.